Understanding today's Cloud-based CRM products and "platform as a service" allows CloudPatterns to create sophisticated CRM solutions for our clients.

CRM From Anywhere
Salesforce.com and others offer a hosted environment for Client Relationship Management. You can get to this data any time, any where — a great tool for connecting with your customers.
Custom Fields
The power of CRM comes when it is made just for you and your needs. CloudPatterns knows how to help your organization get the most out of this platform.
Systems Integration
CRM platforms can integrate with other enterprise-level systems in your organization. CloudPatterns knows how to get these systems talking to each other seamlessly.
Custom Dashboards
Once your data and workflow is established, you will need to know how to get a snapshot of that data in an instant. CloudPatterns can create a custom dashboard for you so you know what's going on in a glance.